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Whether your dog or cat is ill, injured themselves, been involved in an accident or fight, don't let the prospect of a big vet bill prevent your best friend from getting the medical treatment they need. DogSure and Catsure Pet Insurance provides comprehensive easy to understand cover. Unlike other pet insurance products, cover is unlimited with no sub-limits for a particular procedure.

  • Unlimited cover
  • No sub-limits
  • Lowest excess (greater of R150 or 10%)
  • No microchip required
  • No breed loadings or exclusions
  • 100% of all commission is donated to animal shelters
  • Only R150 per dog

Visit dogsure.co.za for all dog pet insurance.
Visit catsure.co.za for all cat pet insurance.

PETWORLD doesn't sell cats or dogs. It's our way of helping to minimize animal homelessness.

Instead, PETWORLD favours pet adoption. Our stores run Pet Adoption Days every Saturday in cooperation with Lucky Lucy and Animal Rescue Team.

Petworld Adoption Days

Animal shelters throughout South Africa are dedicated to rehabilitating abandoned and stray pets in effort to prepare them for their forever home. PETWORLD Adoption days assist in giving these rescued kittens, cats, puppies, dogs a second chance at finding a loving family.

According to our partner shelters, animals are re-homed more quickly through the PETWORLD Adoption days than those at the shelters. Rescue Shelter staff members ensure that adoption pets are well cared for while waiting for their forever homes.

Here are some reasons to consider a rescue pet if you are ready for a new addition to the family:

  • With an older pet, you're not starting from scratch.
  • The bond is strong.
  • Fewer vet fees.
  • What you see is what you get.
  • Adult pets are generally better for families.
  • It teaches your kids good values.

Our Adoption Partners

CATS » LUCKY LUCY - http://www.luckylucy.org
DOGS » ANIMAL RESCUE TEAM - http://www.animalrescueteam.co.za

PETWORLD Adoption Process

Together with our shelter partners we have developed a process that ensures the highest level of care for the animals within PETWORLD to make certain that they will go to loving homes.

The Process is Simple:

  • Enclosures for pets to stay in while they are in our care and waiting to be rehomed. All PETWORLD enclosures have been designed to exceed the dimension requirements and have been built at our own cost.
  • Our shelter partners assess the pet's suitability for rehoming, and ensures that they are desexed, vaccinated, microchiped, behavior and temperament checked and healthy before bringing them to the PETWORLD Adoption Days.
  • The volunteers of the shelter brings the pet to PETWORLD Adoption Day.
  • We provide staff to personally care for all adoption pets. During their stay with us we see to all their needs including feeding and checking the health and wellbeing throughout the day.
  • When a prospective pet parent shows interest in adopting one of the shelter pets, a Shelter staff member will spend time with them, explaining the adoption process and ensuring that there is a good connection between them and the pet and that they are likely to be responsible pet owners. A shelter staff member will not allow an adoption to take place if they feel there is no connection with the pet, or the prospective pet parents do not appear to have properly thought through the commitment required.
  • To learn more about when PETWORLD Pet Adoption Days are happening, enquire at your local store.

Adoption Fees

Our shelter partners set an adoption fee which is paid by anyone adopting a pet. The adoption fee is collected by the shelter for the shelter. 100% of the adoption fees goes to the shelter.

The fee of adopting a pet will vary. All adoption animals have undergone a comprehensive vet check and been de-sexed. In all cases dogs and cats are micro chipped, treated for internal and external parasites (such as worms and fleas), and had their initial vaccination and dogs are also treated for heartworm.

PETWORLD is proud to provide food, housing and dedicated staff to caring for the adoption animals while staying in PETWORLD during adoption days. PETWORLD does not profit from adoption fees.

By purchasing an IDEN-T-TAG and registering your pet's and your details on the website www.tagrecovery.co.za, your tag holds a very unique tagging number. If you have the misfortune of your pet going missing, the person that finds the animal, logs onto a website (instructions on the IDEN-T-TAG), where all your chosen details are displayed and they can contact you directly and immediately.

It is a simple and effortless process and we believe: a stress-free solution. The shop where you purchase your IDEN-T-TAG will also have instructions on how this process works and if the animal is brought into a vet, they will contact you directly.

This is an inexpensive yet effective alternative to a micro-chip.

PETWORLD H2O Test helps customers keep their aquarium in tip-top condition by having a sample of their tank water tested in store.

An PETWORLD Aquarium Specialist will test the water's PH, Nitrate, Nitrite, Ammonia and Hardness levels before providing recommendations.

At PETWORLD we make it easier for our supporters to donate vital items such as pet food, blankets, dog beds to TEARS without having to travel all the way to their premises.

If you have any donations for TEARS, please find the donation box next to the checkout counter at your nearest PETWORLD store.

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