The Largest All-in-One Pet & Grooming Store in the UAE

After the great success and remarkably fast growth of PETWORLD in South Africa, we jumped at the opurrtunity to spread our wings further across the globe to settle in the great city of Dubai. We've joined forces with a dynamic team of entrepreneurs here in the United Arabic Emirates—Khaldoun, Emad, and Tarek—who not only share our passion for animals, but also have a rich background in the building and running of game parks.

Our first PETWORLD in Dubai opened its doors on 22 May 2018... all 500m2 of it; and what an exciting ride it has been for the PETWORLD family! Finding our ideal premises in the new Springs Souk Mall has allowed us to offur only the best in terms of luxury pet items (our shelves are stocked with nearly 10,000 products!) allowing for an upmarket one-stop-shop experience in a pristine and clean environment with the best deals, friendliest staff, and the cutest animals. And seeing just how quickly the UAE residents have embraced our all-in-one concept with such pawsitivity, we're itching to expand even further in coming months and years.

A house is not a home without a pet.

Apart from the wide variety of pet food, toys, and other accessories, we also purrvide grooming services in our GROOMWORLD grooming parlour, and if you're planning a trip away, your pets can board with us where they'll receive the same love, attention, and household pets, we certainly don’t stop at these furballs! We also cater for smaller pets such as birds, fish (tropical, marine, and pond), hamsters, rats, and bunnies; a broad ssselection that is unique to the United Arab Emirates.

The well-being of animals will always be our number one priority, and because of this, we do not sell cats and dogs, but rather team up with local welfare agencies and rescue organisations to promote the adoption of fluffy friends in need of good, loving homes. We regularly host adoption and microchipping days at our stores on weekends, help raise funds, and collect and drop off donations for the furtastic welfares that work tirelessly towards such an important cause. And, of course, we’re exceptionally grateful for all the suppawt from our loyal customers in this endeavour!

With an eye for detail at the forefront, we guarantee that our first PETWORLD store in the Dubai will be setting the standard for pet lovers.

Your pets really do mean the world to us, and we are proud to be able to make caring for them here in the UAE easier on you.

Khaldoun, Tarek, Emad

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