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About Pet World

Established in 2018, Pet World UAE mission is to provide Pet parents with everything that they need to ensure their pet lives a long and happy life. Pet World is a place that is devoted to giving you and your Pet companions with the best items, care and life that we can. Like you, we realize that your Pet is an immense piece of the family. We offer a wide variety of products for all kind of Pets (Dogs, Cats, Birds, Small animals, Fish, Reptiles,.. etc) with reputable Brands available worldwide. We continuously outsourcing new products ranges to enrich our offerings and provide pet parents with related Pet services. At Pet World, we cherish pets, and we trust pets improve us as individuals. Consistently with each association, Pet World‘s enthusiastic partners help convey pet guardians closer to their pets so they can live progressively satisfying lives. The forefront of Pet World is our prestigious client bolster group. Be that as it may, the stays of our business are our products quality, wide choice, speed of conveyance, and prevalent pet related services.